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Gareth Lubbe - Simon Nabatov Duo

The duo was born during the Plush Music Festival 2009 in Cologne, when Hayden Chisholm, the organizer and the soul of this event, asked both musicians to jump on stage for the unplanned third set. The immediate musical rapport was quite evident, based on the shared territories of knowledge and interest - new music, modern classics and improvised music. Gareth Lubbe, the renowned viola player and voice wizard, originally from South Africa, brings enormous wealth and variety of means of expression to every musical encounter.

The duo released in 2016 a CD "LUBATOV" on Leo Records

 listen to excerpts (mp3)

Frank Gratkowski - Simon Nabatov Duo


After 30 years of musical collaboration in countless settings, Gratkowski and Nabatov formed a duo full of formidable power and dainty elegance.
Of their recent CD on Leo Records "Mirthful Myths" Nick Duwidovski wrote: "Open and unforced, with no particular agenda in mind, except to have a conversation about things close and very distant. Gratkowski and Nabatov are traveling along the lines of their own mythology, the musical ideas and emotions like bunch of wires, densely cluttered here, and sparse there, the points where it’s all firmly fixed out of sight, and yet clearly palpable.


listen to excerpts (mp3)






Simon Nabatov - Mark Dresser Duo



 listen to excerpts (mp3)

Being good pals and occasional partners in various projects over nearly 30 years finally paid off - the two got down to business playing in duo in Cologne's LOFT for the first time, the result being a CD "Projections" released on Clean Feed Records in 2015.


Oguz Buyukberber - Simon Nabatov Duo


Currently a resident of Amsterdam, the turkish-born clarinetist Oguz Buyukberber and Simon Nabatov have been playing together for a number of years, most notably in trio with Gerry Hemingway (documented on a trio CD "Live in BimHuis".
More recently they formed a duo and released a CD "Wobbly Strat" on the TryTone Records .

 listen to excerpts (mp3)

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