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duos - projects in the past

Paulo Alvares - Simon Nabatov Duo



Another exciting addition to the duo roster is the collaboration with the Brazilian pianist and composer Paulo Alvares. The world-renown new music and improvisation specialist, who incidentally also resides in Cologne, joined Nabatov in 2010 at the LOFT edition of the Plush Festival. The results were so satisfying to both, that they continued their two-piano encounters at every chance given. The recording of the most recent concert will be released as a CD in the near future.





Simon Nabatov - Tom Rainey Duo


Simon Nabatov and Tom Rainey


" Steady Now "

 listen to excerpts (mp3)

Simon Nabatov and Tom Rainey have been playing together in different bands since 1990 - trios with Mark Helias or Drew Gress, quintet featuring Mark Feldman and Herb Robertson, Matthias Schubert Quartet and Klaus König Band.

In August 2005 the duo made a recording produced by the NDR in Hamburg. It was released in June 2006 on Leo Records.


Ernst Reijseger - Simon Nabatov Duo


Besides playing in trio with Michael Sarin and in the Daniil Kharms project (octet), Ernst Reijseger and Simon Nabatov formed in 2005 a duo. One of the highlights of it's activities was a program based on the music of W.A.Mozart, commisisoned by the Mozart Festival Brugge in 2006

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Matthias Schubert - Simon Nabatov Duo


Matthias Schubert
Simon Nabatov

The duo was formed in 1992, around the same time as the Matthias Schubert quartet (with Lindsay Horner on bass and Tom Rainey on drums). Subsequently the duo played number of concerts throughout Germany.

After a longer hiatus the duo gave recently its reunion concert in Berlin, followed by the concert in LOFT Cologne, which was recorded and since then released as a CD "Descriptions" on Leo Records in December 2013.




listen to the excerpts




Hayden Chisholm - Simon Nabatov Duo



In December 2008 Hayden Chisholm and Simon Nabatov jumped at the opportunity to perform a set of Brazilian tunes in Cologne's renowned Stadtgarten.

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In 2012 the duo prepared, performed and recorded a new program, incorporating the music of Joseph Haydn.

In 2013 the CD "Hayden plays Haydn" was released as a part of the 13-CD box on Moontower Foundation Records.


"Hayden plays Haydn"



Simon Nabatov - Machinefabriek Duo


November Music Festival 2007


In 2007 the Festival/organisation "November Music" invited S. Nabatov to join the Dutch live-electronics performer Machinefabriek in a duo project called "MELODY re:created" . The concert had a great resonance and there will be follow-up events in the future.

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Simon Nabatov - Han Bennink Duo

Han Bennink and Simon Nabatov


The duo had it`s premiere in the famous BimHuis, Amsterdam, in December 1999. Both musicians enjoyed this spontaneous encounter so much, that they decided to keep it going.

Since then, the duo played on a number of occasions and made a recording, which has been released in 2003 on Leo Records

"Chat Room"


listen to excerpts (mp3)


traveling light



Simon Nabatov - Nils Wogram Duo

Simon Nabatov played in Nils Wogram Quartet, Nils Wogram played in Simon Nabatov Quartet. The only logical step for both seemed to form a duo, which they did in 1997. After the premiere at LOFT, Cologne, a highly successful appearance at the Moers New Music Festival '97 followed.

Since then the duo played numerous concerts and recorded a CD "As We Don't Know It" (live at WDR, Cologne), which has been released by the Berlin label Konnex Records.

March 2000 the duo has made the second recording "Starting A Story" ( again at WDR ), released in 2002 on ACT Music label.

In December 2002, during another tour throughout Europe, the third recording "The Move" was made in LOFT, Cologne.

It was released on Between The Lines Records in 2005. Another recording (live) made in LOFT and entitled "Jazz Limbo" was released in 2007 on Leo Records

The 5th and the last recording "Moods and Modes" was made in the Studio of the Radio Zurich SDR II, July 2009. It has been released on the new label NWOG Records.

"As we don`t know it"

"Starting A Story"
" The Move "
" Jazz Limbo"
" Moods and Modes"

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