December 2013

Leo Records releases the new CD; this time it's a duo recording with the great German tenorsax player Matthias Schubert, titled "Descriptions". Simon Nabatov and Matthias Schubert have been playing together (on and off) for nearly 30 years...

October 2013

Several very enjoyable concerts with the wonderful saxophonist and composer Hayden Chisholm. In trio with Christian Lillinger on drums - in Ludwigshaven, where Hayden received the SWR Jazzpreis award. In Naples in duo, Chisholm and Nabatov played their "Hayden plays Haydn" program - as the title suggests, all based on the music of Josef Haydn. Then, again in trio, this time with Jonas Burgwinkel on drums, at the KLAENG festival Cologne, an event that presents some of the most creative bands on the scene.

August 2013

Most of the August spent in Asia, wonderful times first in South Korea, later in Japan! Two concerts of the "Nawora" trio in Seoul and Busan, then a week-long workshop in Sacheon, a lovely place way down south. All of that organised by the Art Foundation of the LIG company. The 2 concerts in Japan in duo with Nils Wogram were also big fun; first in the venerable "Pit Inn" in Shinjuku Tokyo, next day in "Airegin" Yokohama. Fascinating experiences - culturally, musically and culinary...

May 2013

The IEMA - academy of the renowned Ensemble Moderne in Frankfurt - has invited Simon Nabatov to give a 2-day workshop on improvisation - an exciting and creative challenge...

May 2013

Another delightful weekend at the Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon festival. Lots of good music, meeting and hearing good old friends, lovely landscapes surrounding, good food...

The Austrian Radio recorded Nabatov's explosive solo set and will broadcast it May 16th.

April 2013

Exciting news: in August 2013 S. Nabatov will travel to South Korea and Japan. In Korea he will perform twice on the LIG Jazz Festival in trio "NAWORA" - with Nils Wogram and Tom Rainey. The trio will go on to participate in a week-long jazz workshop in Sacheon, a sea-shore town in the south of the country. Other faculty members include Ben Street, Mark Turner among others.

In Japan Nabatov will play in duo with Nils Wogram in "Pit-Inn" (Tokyo) and "Airegin" (Yokohama).

April 2013

Berlin-based label Jazzwerkstatt will release in October the CD of Matthias Schubert - Simon Nabatov "Descriptions".

March 2013

Mons Records releases the CD "Special Edition Vol.3" of Paul Heller quartet, with Ingmar Heller on bass and Adam Nussbaum on drums. It was a fun date!

March 2013

Hayden Chisholm releases on his newly founded Moontower Foundation the 13-CD box of his musical concepts. Simon Nabatov is to hear on CD # 5 - a duo interpreting music of Joseph Haydn, and on CD # 7 - playing Fender Rhodes in trio with Hayden and Jochen Rueckert on drums. The box can be purchased here, and downloaded here. Checkit out!

September 2012

Leo Records releases the CD "Nawora", trio with Nils Wogram and Tom Rainey. It's the third and last recording from the "Roundup" project which took place in Cologne December 2009

May 13, 2012

A lovely day outside - and also inside the Hansahouse Studio in Bonn, recording a CD with Paul Heller (sax), his brother Ingmar Heller (bass) and Adam Nussbaum (drums). Lots of fun and strong performances!

April - May 2012

Series of concerts with Pascal Niggenkemper in USA in Canada, mostly with Satoshi Takeishi on drums, one concert with Tanya Kalmanovitch (viola), and the last one with Gerald Cleaver on drums, thus re-uniting the "Upcoming Hurricane" trio for a very inspired and strong set at "Korzo". It was huge fun, both musically and personally.

March 2012

Leo Records releases the solo CD "Spinning Songs of Herbie Nichols"

February 2012

GREAT NEWS: Simon Nabatov proudly announces that he joined the BoschArtistRelations Agency!

Solo concerts, tours with the "Roundup" quintet, several duos - and more!

Stay tuned for updates!

February 2012

Duo Matthias Schubert - Simon Nabatov plays in Institut Francais Berlin its first concert in over a decade. Great fun and success - certainly to be continued...

February 2012

The duo Ernst Reijseger - Simon Nabatov plays 2 concerts, recording both of them. Especially the 2nd one, in Luxemburg, comes out really good. The recording will probably be released next year.

December 2011

The CD on NoBusiness Records "Upcoming Hurricane" with Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Gerald Cleaver (drums) receives great reviews and is named one of the best albums of 2011 by The New York Jazz Record magazine.

October 2011

New DVD release on PanRec label - "Moods and Modes" Nils Wogram - Simon Nabatov duo.

September 2011

New CD release on NoBusiness Records "Upcoming Hurricane" with Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Gerald Cleaver (drums)

August 2011

New 4 videos of Simon Nabatov playing in duo with the Brazilian percussion player Mimmo Ferreira published on youtube. Watch them here


New 4 videos of the Ensemble Futurrr published on youtube. Watch them here


New CD release on Leo Records (LR 607) - "Square Down" with Nabatov - Reijseger - Schubert.

Listen to some tracks here


Simon Nabatov is now on Facebook

access the profile or the musician / band page


Simon Nabatov completes the residence in Porto Alegre. It was an extremely enriching experience, musically, as well as personally. Read about it in the BLOG - there or here.

July 2011

Simon Nabatov starts the 2 months stay in Brazil, 6 weeks of it being the artist in residence from Goethe-Institut in Porto Alegre. Follow the blog here

February 2011

Plushmusic releases the video "Moods and Modes" of Nils Wogram - Simon Nabatov duo. Filmed at the Radio Zurich Studio, it documents the recording of the CD of the same title.

January 2011

New jazz label NWOG-Records releases the CD "Moods and Modes" of Nils Wogram - Simon Nabatov duo.

December 2010

3 vidio clips of the quintet "Roundup" are on youtube, one can watch it here or there. It's also a sneak preview of a DVD scheduled to be released in 2011 on PanRec.

November 2010

Trio Hayden Chisholm - Simon Nabatov - Jochen Rueckert records a new program of Hayden's music, Nabatov playing Fender Rhodes. Number of concerts and CD release are planned in 2011.


A small independent music video label PanRec releases DVD "Simon Nabatov plays Herbie Nichols", filmed live as a part of the 2nd PlushMusic Festival in Loft, Cologne.


Goethe-Institut in Munich awards Nabatov with an "Artist in Residence" in Porto Alegre, Brazil, for 2011. Various musical activities - rehearsals, concerts, recording, workshops - will be part of the stay.

September 2010

The duo Wogram - Nabatov makes a four-week long Goethe-Institut tour of South and Central Americas, which takes them to Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. Very exciting, lots of impressions and new friends.


New quintet CD "Roundup" with Nils Wogram, Matthias Schubert, Ernst Reijseger and Tom Rainey is released on Leo Records

May 2010

Simon Nabatov and "Ensemble Futurrr" - with Jaap Blonk, Frank Gratkowski, Marcus Schmickler and Gerry Hemingway - perform Nabatov's new program "Gilea revisited" as a part of the MusikTriennale Cologne 2010.


The WDR Big Band of Cologne performs music of Simon Nabatov (arranged by the great Michael Abene) as a part of the Piano Ruhr Festival 2010.

April 2010

Trio Gratkowski - Nabatov - Schmickler releases CD "Deployment" on Leo Records

March 2010

An exciting concert in duo with Nils Wogram at the BimHuis Festival, Amsterdam. Watch a video captured by the VPRO Radio.

Participation in the Cologne's own NOZART Festival, playing with Xu Fengxia and Martin Blume.

Follow-up on the collaboration with Hayden Chisholm, in Loft Cologne - a duo of Brazilian music, followed by the set in trio with the drummer Jonas Burgwinkel, playing 6 new originals by Hayden.

February 2010

A wonderful one-week stay in Athens, Greece. A solo concert at the Goethe-Institut outlet, followed by a performance in trio at the Parafono Jazzclub were only a fraction of the exciting activities, mainly involving climbing up and down the various historical sights, visiting countless museums and, most importantly, meeting wonderful warm-hearted people who made this trip extremely rewarding.

January 2010

2 concerts with the facsinating program of multi-media works revolving around piano - pieces by the composer and improviser hans w. koch and the conceptual artist Jens Brand, as well as compositional contribution by S. Nabatov. In preparations for the concerts (in Dortmund and Muenster) - the most delightful visit of Juergen Hocker's house, the man being the champion of Conlon Nancarrow's music, easily world-wide.

December 2009

2 days in Amsterdam, spent really well: a concert on the dOeK Festival in BimHuis, with Wolter Wierbos (trombone) plus the old New York trio - Drew Gress (bass) and Tom Rainey (drums); hearing some wonderful music, played by the colleagues...Next day - a most satisfying recording session in Bim with the same quartet...


A 5-day project "Roundup" takes place in Cologne. It results in 3 concerts, 3 recording sessions and, most likely, 3 CD's - 2 different trios and the quintet. The marvelous band included Nils Wogram (trombone), Matthias Schubert (tenor saxophone), Ernst Reijseger (cello) and Tom Rainey (drums).

October 2009

The CD "Nicht Ohne Robert Vol. 1" is released on the Cologne label JazzHausMusik; the band includes Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet), Robert Landfermann (bass) and Christian Lillinger (drums)


S. Nabatov performs Hayden Chisholm's "Fata Morgana" suite (based on the recently recorded music for a short film by Rebecca Horn). It takes place at the renowned Kronberg Cello Festival and is perfomed with Claudio Bohorquez (cello), Hayden Chisholm (asax, bcl) and Gareth Lubbe (viola, voice).

September 2009

S. Nabatov participates in the "Cologne Music Night" (a huge annual event of around 400 concerts), presenting his new Chico Buarque program in the WDR broadcasting hall, with the live transmission.

July 2009

Nils Wogram and Simon Nabatov record at the radio studio DRS 2, Zurich, Switzerland

the British internet label PLUSHMUSIC.TV was there

+++ a new internet release coming soon+++


" Simon Nabatov plays Herbie Nichols" --- a new solo release

on the British internet label PLUSHMUSIC.TV - get the HD video and hi-fi audio here

June 2009

" A Felicidade " - a set of solo performances of Brazilian music, captured in LOFT,

is released on the British internet label PLUSHMUSIC.TV - get the hi-fi audio here

May 2009

Two duo recordings "discovered" in the personal archives many years later: the Amsterdam concert with the great late Steve Lacy and a duo recording with the wonderful American reed player/composer Michael Moore. Listen here

April 2009

Beginning of May Simon Nabatov will perform a few concerts in the USA, both solo and with bands.

The appearances will include a double bill with Geri Allen in Rahway (New Jersey), solo concerts in Easton (Pennsylvania) and Hamtramck (Michigan) and several events in New Orleans (Louisiana)


April 20 - 24 Simon Nabatov is an artist in residence at the Cologne Conservatory, giving master classes and an ensemble workshop, culminating in the concert of the workshop band in LOFT

March 2009

19. 03. - WDR 3 Cologne broadcasts an interview/portrait of Simon Nabatov

February 2009

The Plushmusic Festival in LOFT (Cologne, February 5 - 8) saw Nabatov perform a solo concert of Herbie Nichols music, two "bonus" sets in duo with the great Brazilian new music pianist Paulo Alvarez and a 3 - tune collaboration with Hayden Chisholm's "New Cool" band, including Phil Donkin on bass and Jochen Rueckert on drums.

All of it (and much more) will be soon available on


new solo program "Herbie Nichols and a little bit more". Read more about it here and listen to some excerpts here. February 6th - Plushmusic Festival in LOFT, Cologne


new duo! Hayden Chisholm - Simon Nabatov listen to some excerpts here

January 2009

duo with the Moroccan singer Touria Hadraoui. Read more about it here and listen to some excerpts here

December 2008

Simon Nabatov participates on the great new music portal watch the videos on the




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