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trios - projects in the past



Luc Houtkamp - Simon Nabatov - Martin Blume



Another new trio which saw its premiere in 2014 and went on to play some prestigious venues and festivals.

January 2015 the CD "Encounters" was released on Leo Records.


"Encounters" LR 716


Oguz Büyükberber - Simon Nabatov - Gerry Hemingway


Initiated in 2012 by the Turkish clarinetist Oguz Büyükberber, this free-wheeling collective of the improv music veterans gets its strong point across every time they meet on stage.

In 2014 the trio released a CD "Live at the BimHuis" on TryTone Records


"Live at the BimHuis"



Simon Nabatov New York Trio


Mark Helias or Drew Gress (bass) and Tom Rainey (drums).

Simon Nabatov

Mark Helias

Tom Rainey

The trio exists since 1991 and serves as the best vehicle for Nabatov's compositional and instrumental ideas.

The band toured Europe extensively on many occasions and released in 1993 a highly acclaimed CD "Tough Customer" on Enja Records.

In March 2000 the Swiss label HatHut Records released the second CD "Sneak Preview".

In January 2002 the German label ACT Music released the third CD "Three Stories, One End".

"Tough Customer"
"Sneak Preview"
"Three Stories, One End"



Simon Nabatov Ernst Reijseger Matthias Schubert


This trio is the second part of the project "Roundup" realized in December of 2009.

The resulting recording was released in August of 2011 on Leo Records.

"Square Down" LR 607



Frank Gratkowski - Simon Nabatov - Marcus Schmickler



The trio came together in a spontaneous concert situation in LOFT, Cologne.

The recording of this concert was released on Leo Records





Simon Nabatov - Ernst Reijseger - Michael Vatcher

E. Reijseger M. Vatcher S. Nabatov

This trio premiered at the SJU Jazz Festival Utrecht, Holland, in April 2003. The Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger and the American drummer Michael Vatcher certainly belong to the finest world wide.

The trio toured throughout Europe in November 2003 and recorded CD " Autumn Music" ( Leo Records 397).

"Autumn Music"

In October 2004 the trio toured Europe in new formation, this time with the American drummer Michael Sarin.


The other recent additions to the trio collaborations include

Simon Nabatov - Wilbert de Joode - Michael Vatcher

Simon Nabatov - Frank Gratkowski - Paul Lovens

Simon Nabatov - Frank Gratkowski - Thomas Lehn