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Brandon Seabrook - Simon Nabatov


"Voluptuaries" on Leo Records LR 894

Brandon Seabrook and Simon Nabatov meet in the imaginary garden of sensual pleasures of music-making. With a sheer joy of the shared sensibilities, they traverse diverse landscapes, opulent and glowing, or brooding and suspenseful at times. Both are capable of quirky actions, often offset by the equally unexpected lyricism.The exchange of scratchy stabs, melodic runs, entangled textures, luscious chords, dramatic outbursts or whispers of angelic voices - all of the elements find their place in the flowing yet coherent story-telling of this fabulous duo.


"Daggers" excerpt



"Dust Storms" excerpt


"Squalid Simplicities" excerpt



"Diamonds and Dust" excerpt


"La Femme Makita" excerpt


"Vex Me" excerpt