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Simon Nabatov - Michaël Attias


"Brooklyn Mischiefs" on Leo Records LR 901

One night in Brooklyn a few years ago, Michaël Attias (alto saxophone) and Simon Nabatov (piano) embarked on their first musical journey as a duo, discovering immediately a shared sense of balance, drama, form, resonance and sympathy. Fragile textures unfold, dramatic peaks rise, counterpoints swirl in an elegant dance full of mischiefs and miracles. It is Nabatov’s 8th duo release for the Leo Records, and here he is in the company of a true soulmate, the inimitable veteran of New York scene Michaël Attias.


"Glimpses & Tangles" excerpt



"Gowanus by Night" excerpt


"Languid" excerpt



"Glances" excerpt


"Poetic Bug Bite" excerpt